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Open Education Week 5-10 March 2012

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Open Education Week 5-10 March 2012
Call for participation

Join your colleagues around the world to increase understanding about open education! Open Education Week will take place from 5-10 March 2012 online ( and in locally hosted events around the world.  The objective is to raise awareness of the open education movement and open educational resources.  There are several ways you and your organization can be involved:

  1. Provide a pre-recorded informational virtual tour of your project, work, or organization.  This should be focused on the work you’re doing in open education, designed for a general audience.  These can be done in any language.
  2. Offer a webinar.  Webinars are well suited for topics of general interest, such as what’s happening in open education in a particular area or country, or topics that offer discussion possibilities.  Webinars can be scheduled in any language, 24 hours a day.  We would also like to feature question and answer sessions in a variety of languages and time zones.
  3. Pre-record a presentation on open education concepts.  Do you have an inspiring presentation about open education?  Can you discuss the issues that open education seeks to address in your country, region or globally?   We plan to feature short, introductory overviews of open education and OER for different audiences, such as those new to the idea, policy makers, faculty, etc.  Presentations in any language are welcome.
  4. Create or share text-based, downloadable information.  This should be information on the open education movement, in any language, appropriate to introduce the movement and its important concepts to a variety of audiences.   Specific information on your project can be linked to from the website.
  5. Sponsor or host a local event during the week of 5-10 March. This could be a community discussions, a forum on open education, a challenge and/or a celebration.  We invite you to get creative with planning events.  Suggestions and support will be available on the open education week web site, and the planning group is happy to work with you to create bigger impact.

Let us know how you would like to participate by filling out the attached form, also available on the website, or contacting us at  The OCW Consortium is coordinating this community run event.  There is no cost to participate.  Follow us on twitter at #openeducationwk and facebook

Please fill out the Open Education Week contributor’s form by January 20, 2012:

This invitation is available on the web in three languages at the following links:






One Broadway
8th Floor
Cambridge, 02139
United States


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