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OCW Consortium Newsletter October 2012


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Important Updates!

The Call for Proposals for OCWC Global 2013, “Learning Beyond Boarders: Delivering Quality Education to Your Fingertips” is now Open!

The Call for Proposals for OCWC Global 2013, “Learning Beyond Boarders: Delivering Quality Education to Your Fingertips” is now open at Hosted by APTIKOM Indonesia, OCWC Global 2013 will be held in Bali, Indonesia May 8-10, 2013. Partnering with the OCWC and APTIKOM for the realization of conference goals is a local organizing team that includes the National ICT Council of Indonesia, Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia’s Ministry of Information and Communication, and the Indonesian Open University. Conference Tracks will include:

• Collaboration in Open Education
Presentations in this track should focus on demonstrating the impact
of OER initiatives on learners, educators and institutions, including
highlighting new and innovative OER projects.

    - Mainstreaming open educational practice
    - Collaborations and new directions in cross-border sharing
    - Workplace learning and skills development with OER

• Accreditation and Assessment of OER based Learning
How can OCW expand access to education and contribute to professional
development? Presentations in this track might address:

    - Assessment and accreditation methods for learning with OCW
    - Tools to support OER-based learning
    - Cost effectiveness and open educational practice

• Expanding the reach of OER
Presentations in this track might address issues in

    - Showcasing policies that expand the creation and use of OER
    - Standards implementation and quality assurance
    - Enlarging the educational audience - lifelong learning through OER

Held annually, OCWC Global reunites the OCW/OER community for three
days of new project showcases, debates around issues of common
concern, and the exchange of useful practices in matters such as
pedagogy, policy and technology. As in previous years, you can expect
OCWC Global to offer you a series of exceptional talks, a great
opportunity to network with others in the OER community, a chance to
learn about other projects and a place to show what you and your team
are working on.

Each year, OCWC Global takes place in a different part of the world,
allowing the OCWC to partner with a different local community to
increase its impact on educational access in that region. For example,
in Vietnam, OCWC Global 2010 hosted the launch event of Creative
Commons Vietnam, and last year’s conference was held jointly with
OER12 in the UK. OCWC Global 2013 will be held jointly with the first
Indonesian OCW Annual Meeting and Exhibition (INDO-AMEX 2013). This
inaugural event will bring together local champions in open education,
open licensing, open source development, and open access for forums
and discussions aimed at the promotion of further sharing in

Deadline for submitting proposals: December 31, 2012
Conference Website:
Conference twitter #tag: #ocwcglobal

Reminder: A call for proposals to host OCWC 2014 Global Conference is Open!

The OCW Consortium Global Conference is a meeting place for those involved with or interested in the OCW and OER movements and their impact on global education. Conference participants hear from global thought leaders in open education, learn about new initiatives and developments, and discuss issues important to the movement. If you are interested in being considered for hosting OCWC Global 2014, please download the application form by clickinghere.
 The deadline for submitting applications is October 31, 2012!

Learners can earn a Certificate of Participation through a new collaboration with OpenStudy

The OCW Consortium has partnered with OpenStudy to offer learners a Certificate of Participation through use of members’ OCW. Learners join an online study group formed around open courses, register so their learning can be tracked, and start studying the subject using OCW. As learners interact with others and master the content, they begin to increase their SmartScore, which is an individualized, data-driven evaluation of teamwork, problem solving and engagement – the kinds of skills employers most often look for, but have a hard time measuring from traditional education records. Once learners achieve a certain SmartScore for the course, they are eligible to print a Certificate of Participation from OpenStudy and the OCW Consortium. Courses for this pilot are from TU Delft, The University of Notre Dame, The University of California, Irvine, and The Universidad Politécnica Madrid.  Watch our blog for more information, or contact us if you have any questions.

Using Free and Open Educational Resources to Support Women and Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Creative Commons and the OpenCourseWare Consortium announce the formation of a task force to determine how open educational resources (OER) can support the success of girls and women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in support of the Equal Futures Partnership, announced on September 24 by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
“The gender gap in participation in STEM areas around the world is significant”, said Cathy Casserly, CEO of Creative Commons, “We need to address the barriers to girls’ success in STEM to ensure that the future is filled with bright, ambitious, well-educated people of both genders who are able to contend with future global challenges”.
The OER-STEM task force will examine how OER can attract and support girls in STEM education, including additional support services necessary to insure high levels of success. OER are high-quality educational materials that are openly licensed and shared at no cost, allowing learners and educators to use, adapt, change and add information to suit their education goals. The task force will include experts in STEM education for girls and women along with experts in OER to determine specific projects that will advance achievement in these important areas.
“We are seeking innovative support solutions for girls to succeed in STEM subjects using open educational resources”, said Mary Lou Forward, Executive Director of the OpenCourseWare Consortium, “Since OER can be accessed freely by anyone, anywhere, and modified to fit different cultural contexts and learning needs around the world, we are looking at this issue from a global perspective”.

Invitation to participate in a pilot project on improving discoverability and searchability of OER & OCW

We would like to invite you to participate in an exciting and innovative pilot program sponsored by the research group GICAC from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (GICAC-UPM) and the Universitad Particular Tecnica de Loja (UPTL) in collaboration with the OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCWC). This project aims to improve the searchability and discoverability of open educational content, which will enhance the ability for learners and educators to find and use OCW courses.

Grupo de Innovación en la Gestión de Calidad de Centros Universitarios (Innovation Group on Quality Management of University Centers) The main purpose of GICAC is to contribute to improving the accessibility, searchabilty, sharing, use and reuse of open educational materials through emerging Web technologies. GICAC is currently focused on improving interoperability and discoverabilty of OCW courses through software tools to extract, publish and summarize data on these courses. One of these tools is the open source search engine of OCW courses called Serendipity.

What is Serendipity?

Serendipity, unlike other traditional OCW search engines, allows users to:
  • Explore OCW in an integrated and incremental manner, from any of the repositories of institutions that publish OpenCourseWare.
  • Have guided navigation, starting with a basic keyword and going through several filters to refine the desired search (faceted search).
  • Get more accurate and complete results, since it locates OCWs using different metadatas and data elements, providing the user with visible options that help clarify and refine the queries. 
  • Access the full description of the courses as published by the home institution, along with complimentary information such as language, license, author, country, geographic location of the institution and other semantically related information available via the Web.
Why should your institution participate?

Serendipity works with data extracted periodically and automatically, currently from over 7,000 courses available through OCW Web repositories: OCW Consortium, OCW Universia and Institutions of Higher Education. We have verified that the data published in Serendipity is consistent and corresponds to the information obtained in various OCW sites. However, given the diversity of formats and heterogeneity of OCW sources, we would like to confirm the results given by the data extraction. For this reason, and in order to offer the public reliable and good search results, we invite you to participate in the verification of data of the OCW courses offered by your institution.

If you are interested in participating, please send us a confirmation email or marcela.morales@ocwconsortium.organd our team will contact you with details on how to get involved.

Invitation to be part of OCWC Toolkit Team

The OCWC Toolkit has been an ongoing initiative seeking to collect in one place a portable kit of resources that have proven useful in getting OCW projects off the ground at a variety of institutions. Examples include tips on how to make the case for OCW at your institution, how to address accessibility issues with your OCW content, and how to address communications issues. You can view the existing Toolkit at

The time has come for us to go through the Toolkit, getting rid of some materials that no longer serve their purposes, polishing up those that are still of use, and acquiring new ones to meet new (or neglected) challenges. If you are interested in serving as part of our Toolkit Team email Terri Bays Be sure to indicate whether there is a particular aspect of the toolkit that interests you.

Community College Consortium for OER (CCCOER) upcoming Webinars: 1. Supporting All of Our Students with Accessible OER & 2. MOOCs: An Evolving Model of Curriculum Delivery and Assessment

Webinar: "Supporting All of Our Students with Accessible OER"
Date & Time: Tuesday, October 30, 2012, 1:00 PM EST
Learn how to support the diverse students at community colleges by selecting and creating “accessible” open textbooks and OER to provide equitable learning opportunities regardless of disability. Featured speakers include the director of Literacy at BookShare, the largest online library for students with print disabilities, and the educational technology department chair from Cerritos College who trains faculty on creating and evaluating instructional materials for accessibility compliance.
Webinar: MOOCs:  “An Evolving Model of Curriculum Delivery and Assessment”
Date & Time: Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 1:00 PM EST
MOOCs have been a hot topic in the higher education blogosphere for the last year but how do you separate the fact from the fiction and should your college be participating in the latest trend for online content delivery and credentialing of students. Learn the ins and outs of MOOCs from these experts from British Columbia Institute of Technology, Open Study, and University of Central Florida.

For more information about the webinars and how to participate click here.

Upcoming conference and events alerts

Event: Open Access Week
Date & Place: 22 – 28 October, 2012, worldwide (online and live events)
Event Website:
Conference: Asia Regional OpenCourseWare and Open Education Conference (ARROC 2012) – Open Education En Route to Conceptual Society
Date & Place: 21 – 22 January, 2013 Bangkok, Thailand (deadline for abstracts 1 November, 2012)
Conference website:
Conference: OER13: Creating a Virtuous Circle
Date & Place: 26 – 27 March, 2013, University of Nottingham, UK (deadline for abstract 31 October, 2012.
Conference website:
We welcome these new members to the Community


West Coast University, Panama
Maricopa Community Colleges, USA
Excelsior College, USA

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