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Schedule 教學時程

Lesson Topic  Ppt
1  大綱與總體經濟學導論 
Macroeconomic --- Introduction and Measurement
2  個體經濟複習與總體經濟之銜接---收入與價格衡量 
The Measurement of Income, and Prices
3  國內生產毛額 
The Measurement of GDP
4  失業 
5  通貨膨脹 
6  經濟成長理論 
The Theory of Economic Growth
7  總需求與總供給分析一 
Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply(1)
8  總需求與總供給分析二 
Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply(2)
9  貨幣及金融市場 
Money and Financial Markets
10  金融體系準備系統 
Financial System
11  貨幣政策 
Monetary Policy
12  財政政策 
Fiscal Policy
13  國際貿易 
International Trade
14 匯率與總體經濟政策 
University AnniversaryExchange Rates, and Macroeconomic Policy
15 總體經濟思潮的演進 
Debates at the Macroeconomic Frontier
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