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00030140 - **炮製學及實驗 Preparation of Chinese drugs & laboratory, Spring 2012

Course Image

Preparation of Chinese drugs & laboratory



Ching-Chiung Wang

College of Pharmacy

Taipei Medical University

Course Structure: 4 hour/per a week



Course Description

    The Preparation of Chinese drugs & laboratory will prepare the Chinese drug to change drug's active or drug's toxin.

 講演:1.介紹中藥之炮製法、藥性及應用 2.介紹中藥炮製前後之不同及注意事項 3.介紹中藥炮製品常用之方劑實驗:1.藉由操作了解藥材在不同炮製方法處理下之變化,包含色澤、藥性改變等各種變化。 2.經由現代的改進方式改善炮製方法,縮短時程或增強其效力等,使中藥炮製更具科學化。

開課系所: 藥學系



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