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00020047 - **普通生物學實驗 General biology laboratory, Spring 2010

Course Image

General biology laboratory




Shu-Hui Juan,Professor

College of Oral Medicine
Taipei Medical University

Course Structure: 2 Hours per week

Podcast TMU Podcast 播客

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Course Description

The goal of this course aims to lead students to the field of the general biology and train them to think scientifically and independently. Scientific inquiry and statistical analysis is included to give them the flavor how to bring up questions and resolve them in scientific way. To observe the discrepancy between difference species in cellular levels, light microscope will be used as a tool. This course also includes some basic biological processes such as cell respiration and photosynthesis and the onset of life such as meiosis, reproduction and the early embryonic development. Human variation is based upon various genetic coding. The basic biological molecules including DNA, RNA and protein, and the information of heritance genetics will be covered intensively in this course. In the final three weeks, students are expected to learn more related to the anatomy of mammals given as rats here. Taken together, this class is designed for students to prepare for profound courses at senior years.


  • 開課系所:牙醫學系
  • 開課年級:1
  • 學分:1
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