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Syllabus 教學大綱

Course Description

The course illustrates how nursing relates to society as a whole. The viewpoint of each section discuss what impact does nursing have on health care society, and conversely, what impact does society have on the practice of nursing. The viewpoint of each topic presents vary perspectives of nursing in today’s world, allowing students to analyze, critical thinking and synthesize of various point

Course Objective

1. Discuss & understand the current nursing challenges, issues, and trends.

2. Debate the pros and cons of each issue.

3. Complete a group project regarding a selected issue.


Required Textbook

1. Catalano, J. T.(2005). Nursing Now!: Today's Issues, Tomorrow's Trends.(4th Ed) F. A. Davis Company.

2. Cowen, P. S. Moorhead, S. (2006).Current Issues in Nursing, (7th Ed.).Paperback: Mosby publisher.

3. Ellis, J. R. (2004). Nursing in Today's World: Trends, Issues and Management (8th Ed.). Paperback: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publish.

4. Huston, C. J. (2006). Professional Issues in Nursing: Challenges and Opportunities (1th Ed.) Paperback: Lippincott Williams &Wilkins.

5. International council of nurses. (2006). Nurses' Role in Providing Care to Dying Patients and their Families. Geneva: ICN.

6. International council of nurses.(2007).Ethical Nurse Recruitment. Geneva: ICN.

7. International council of nurses.(2007). Nurses and Shift Work. Geneva: ICN.

8. International council of nurses.(2007). Health Human Resources Development. Geneva: ICN.

9. Joel, L. A. (2005) The Nursing Experience : Trends, Challenges, and Transitions.(5th ed) McGraw-Hill Medical.

10. 曾珍麗、盧美秀、陳靜敏等(2002)‧護理政策立場聲明‧中華民國護理師護士公會全國聯合會。

11. 陳月枝等著(2003)‧護理專業問題研討‧台北:華杏。

12. 盧美秀(2005)‧護理專業問題研討‧台北:五南。

13. 行政院衛生署(2004)‧專科護理師分科及甄審辦法‧台北:行政院衛生署。

14. 張媚、余玉眉、陳月枝、田聖芳(2005)‧護理人力規劃評估報告‧台灣醫學,9(2),149-156

15. 台灣護理學會. (2005). ICN立場聲明. 台北:台灣護理學會

16. 行政院衛生署(2008)‧新制醫院評鑑‧台北:行政院衛生署。

17. 台灣護理學會. (2008). 提昇護理形象立場聲明. 台北:台灣護理學會

18. 行政院衛生署(2008)護理人員執業登記及繼續教育辦法‧台北:行政院衛生署。


1. 中央健康保險局  

2. 中華民國護理師護士公會全國聯合會

3. 台灣護理學會 

4. 財團法人醫院評鑑暨醫療品質策進會

5. American Nurses Credentialing Center. Magnet RecognitionProgram®

6. ICN 


Component Percentage
Classroom participation 20%
Oral presentation 30%
Written project 30%
Peer review 20%




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