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30600086 - **高級精神心理衛生護理學(二) Advanced psychiatric nursing (Ⅱ), Fall 2009


Advanced psychiatric nursing (Ⅱ)



周桂如  Kuei-Ru  Chou
張秀如  Hsiu-Ju Chang 


College of Nursing

Taipei Medical University

Course Structure: 2 Hours per week

Podcast TMU Podcast 播客


Course Description

This course focuses on the mastery of concepts from the group and nursing theories that are the foundation of advanced practice psychiatric nursing roles. Increasing emphasis is placed on the indirect practice roles of consultation and management and the direct practice roles of group psychotherapy. Emphasis is placed on the integration of related theories into advanced practice in psychiatric nursing and a nursing conceptual framework.

  • 開課系所:護理學研究所碩士班
  • 開課年級:2
  • 學分:2
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