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00110033 - **老年護理學 Geriatric nursing, Spring 2010

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Geriatric nursing




College of Nursing
Taipei Medical University

Course Structure: 2 Hour per a week

Podcast TMU Podcast 播客

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Course Description

This is a primary gerontological nursing course. The course was designed to help students to understand the knowledge and skills about gerotologucal nursing practice. The content includes aging process, assessment of geriatric problem, physical and psychological problems and community care.

本課程在增進學生對一般老人照護的知能與使命感,培養學生具備以多元化觀點評估及照護一般老人的實務能力。課程設計應用概念圖(concept map)的學習策略,重點在協助學生瞭解老年護理的概念和相關理論,進行整體老人生理、心理、社會、靈性的健康評估與護理,瞭解老人居家和社區照護模式與資源,並能檢視與解析老人照護相關議題,學習掌握老人護理的發展趨勢。

  • 開課系所:老人護理暨管理學系
  • 開課年級:3
  • 學分:2
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