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00060102 - **精神科護理學 Psychiatric nursing, Fall 2009

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Psychiatric nursing




College of Nursing
Taipei Medical University

Course Structure: 2 Hour per a week

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Course Description

Psychiatric nursing includes three credits. This course highlights the following issues: conceptual models for working with psychiatric patients, symptom/sign, etiology and classification of mental disorders, and nursing care for psychiatric patients, the basic concepts of individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, and community mental health care. The course is designed to assist students to understand the impacts of physical, psychological, social and cultural and spiritual factors on patients' behaviors. In addition, through estimating the impact of stress derived from environment on patients, students can help patient cope with situation. The course also aims to help students understand communication skills as therapeutic tool. Through practicing communication skills students can provide effective care for patients.

精神科護理學(Psychiatric Nursing)共3學分。主要內容包括治療性人際關係及溝通技巧的原理原則、精神疾病的分類、病因與症狀、各種精神功能障礙個案之護理、心理治療及行為修正的概念,以及社區精神醫療保健。 課程設計的重點在協助學生瞭解生理、心理、發展、社會文化、靈性等因素對個案行為之影響,並經由評估環境壓力源之影響以協助個案適應。同時能夠瞭解溝通技巧為一治療性工具的概念,進而利用治療性自我,經由與個案互動的過程,達成促進個案及自我成長的目的。

  • 開課系所:護理學系
  • 開課年級: 4
  • 學分:3
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