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00170021 - **基本護理學 Fundamental nursing, Fall 2009

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Fundamental nursing





College of Nursing
Taipei Medical University

Course Structure: 2 Hour per a week

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Course Description

The aims of the class are hlpe students to learn how to communicate with others, to learn basic nursing knowledge and skills in order to take care patients and improve their comfort. After completing the course, students will be able to : 1.assess the health needs of patients 2.apply communication skills to establish the relationship with patients 3.apply nursing process 4.apply nursing skills 5.apply the concept of holistic nursing care to meet basic needs of patients

本課程旨在協助學生了解與他人溝通、學習基本護理的知識與技術以照顧個案/個案系統,使其達到最佳安適狀態。 1.能評估護理對象健康需要 2.能應用溝通技巧與護理對象建立專業性人際關係 3.能應用護理過程的知識與技能 4.應用各種基本護理技術 5.應用整體護理的概念,協助護理對象滿足其基本需要 6.培養護理專業精神

  • 開課系所:呼吸治療學系
  • 開課年級:2
  • 學分:2
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