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q          會議名稱: 2012英國劍橋年會(網站連結請按此)
q          時間:2012416-18
q          地點:英國劍橋大學皇后學院
q          主辦單位:全球開放式課程聯盟(OCWC)開放教育資源支援中(SCORE)
q          報名:於227日前註冊可享優惠(報名)
q          會議主題:
- The role of open technologies in encouraging sharing and reuse of open content
- The methods for researching and evaluating open academic practices
- The ways in which people can be trained to utilise open content more effectively
- How OCW/OER are changing the practices of teachers
- The impacts that OCW/OER are having on formal and informal learners
- How institutional or governmental policies are supporting the open education movement
- The ways in which educational institutions are effectively working together around open content
- How educational institutions are working on open content with commercial and not for profit organizations
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